As reported by, the ever successful crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has announced via twitter that it is set to expand into the UK this autumn. Although some UK developers were already able to benefit from Kickstarter by using their US front, most of the UK-based development studios have been missing out.

Of course, there are existing UK crowdfunding sites likeĀ  Crowdfunder, and Indiegogo, however, Kickstarter not only has a large funding community, it also offers another vital benefit in that it has become what most people associate to crowdfunding. Then there is the fact that it not only successfully helped fund massive projects such as Wasteland 2, Double Fine Adventure, Dead State or Shadowrun Returns but helped them go far beyond their funding targets!

UK users have already been able to pledge their money to various projects, however until this autumn, only users operating in the United States have been able to ask for money. It was assumed that this is primarily down to Amazon’s previously restrictive “US-Only” payments, but that has recently been overhauled and is now available internationally. Of course, there may have also been other elements stopping Kickstarter from expanding outside the US earlier but that kind of information is kept under tight lids for now.

There aren’t any further news yet as to when Kickstarter is likely to expand even beyond the UK, however, the flood gates certainly seem to have been breached now. We expect that it won’t be much longer until developers from Mainland Europe will be able to benefit as well.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for further developments! Got something to share about Kickstarter? Drop us a line in our comments!

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  1. Chris on July 10, 2012
    Can that be extended to other commonwealth countries, namely Canada? Considering we are neighbours with the US, it would seem logical that Canadians would be itching to use Kickstarter. It's awesome that the UK got accepted though, and I'm glad to see expansion.
    • Matt Author on July 10, 2012
      I'm surprised that Canada isn't covered off by the US legislation yet. I do hope that it will be expanded further soon to other countries. I know that there is a big indie and modding community in Canada (and mainland Europe), so it would be great to see their involvement and growth!
  2. Breezer on July 11, 2012
    I would like to see in ukrain too! There is much game development too!

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